Oct 3, 2007

The Hole Called "Hades"

The 1918 Sgt. Maurer photograph ... depicts disposal in a pit area of bottles and carboys, presumably containing mustard gas. The inscription on the back of the photograph says in effect: "This pit, the most feared and respected place on the grounds. The bottles are full of Mustard to be destroyed here in Death Valley in the hole called 'Hades'."  A photogrammetry exercise in 2000, performed by the EPA Photographic Interpretation Center (EPIC), determined that the most likely location of the pit in the photograph was on Glenbrook Road near the backyard of the property* where Pit 3 is located. Two sheds and a utility line are clearly visible in the photograph.
Spring Valley RAB
Meeting Minutes 
November 13, 2007 (pg. 16) 
* Editor's Note: The official, Army Corps line (locating the Sgt. Maurer burial pit in the backyard of 4825 Glenbrook Road) is belied by the 3rd corrected, EPA EPIC photogrammetry study in December 2000, which concluded that the most likely location of the 1918 pit was on the American University campus opposite/west of Watkins building and under the grassy strip alongside Kreeger Roadway.  Please see map posted here ...


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