Dec 23, 2015

Chemical Cleanup on Glenbrook Road will Resume in February

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to resume removing  World War I-era debris from Spring Valley in February, upon moving a protective tent at 4825 Glenbrook Road NW to its third and final location.  The tent will be moved at the Glenbrook site above the former basement of the home that once stood there.  The Army previously demolished that home after the site was found to be contaminated by the munitions testing station formerly located on the land of present-day American University.  The Army has suspended its “shelter in place” emergency response program until the tent is moved, but the program will be tested about 30 days before the work resumes.
Northwest Current

Efforts in early December focused on preparing the site and relocating support equipment, as we incrementally arrange the tent at its third and final location ... In mid-December, the crews leveled the driveway and placed the first section of the tent into its final position.  Additionally, crews constructed a pad area where the medical monitoring tent, one of the site's multiple layers of safety protocols, was placed behind Tent 3.  In January, the team will resume using the crane to move the final two sections of the tent into their final locations so the entire Engineering Control Structure (ECS) can be reassembled ... We will notify everyone prior to reinstating the Shelter-in-Place program, and will share further details when we have a firm date for the start of that next phase of high probability operations.
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