Jul 21, 2010

Pit 3 Excavation on Hold as Corps Considers "Next Stage" of Cleanup

In June, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers received substantial comments on the Pit 3 Area's work plan for the 'high probability' test pit investigation. Upon review of the comments, we will begin a comprehensive assessment of how to complete work at the property ... We will inform the community of the assessment approach as soon as it is determined. All options for cleanup of the property will be reviewed as part of the process. During this process, which will take several months, some staging equipment will be removed from the Pit 3 Area property, fencing will be moved from the road to the sidewalk and minimal restoration will be conducted.
Spring Valley FUDS
Project Update (June 2010

During a meeting of the Restoration Advisory Board last week, Army officials revealed that they are also considering moving on to the next stage of cleanup at 4825 Glenbrook Road, the site of a munitions burial pit. The Army shut down work at the site in March after diggers uncovered fuming glassware containing arsenic trichloride, an ingredient used to make the blistering agent lewisite ... “It’s somewhat of a judgment call,” Noble said. “The [investigation] has gone on for a long time, and it’s been fairly expensive" ... Among the decisions to be made is whether to tear down the house that currently occupies the Glenbrook Road property, which is owned by American University.
Ian Thomas
Northwest Current

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