Apr 16, 2009

Economics Department Moves to Kreeger Building in March 2010

The economics department will move to the Kreeger Building, which has remained vacant since the arts and performing arts departments moved to the Katzen Arts Center in 2005. Kreeger is located on the south side of campus, near the Watkins and Hamilton buildings and Jacobs Field ... Kreeger's renovation, which will gut the building, will begin in July and end sometime between December and February 2010.
The Eagle
April 16, 2009

Area behind Kreeger and Hamilton Buildings
In the last 30 days soil on AU property tested for 106,000 parts per million of arsenic, which means approximately 10 percent of the soil is arsenic, but the finding should not pose a threat to the community, said Gary Schilling, Spring Valley project manager for the Baltimore District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The high arsenic levels were found two-and-a-half feet below the surface of the area in question, which is located between the Hamilton and Kreeger buildings, adjacent to the parking lot.
The Eagle
October 12, 2006

Between Jan. 8 and 11, engineers removed 55-gallon barrels of soil within a 55-meter radius of the excavation pit behind the Hamilton and Kreeger buildings. In total, 160 barrels were collected. The barrels have been taken to
federal property behind Sibley Hospital where characterization tests will be taken to determine how to dispose of the soil.
The Eagle
January 22, 2001
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