Oct 2, 2007

In Memoriam

This site is dedicated to the memory of Charlie Bermpohl (1935 - 2010) who chronicled the cleanup of buried World War I munitions in Spring Valley for The Northwest Current.
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"Don't adopt a strong position on something you understand imperfectly and then publicize it ... Don't make a judgment on something you believe to be true because of your trust in the people, or person, who gave you the information and not on your own knowledge of what was involved ... Draw yourself away from being convinced, be an independent observer, write without a point of view, don't adopt heroes who become your mentors on these subjects, learn."
Charlie Bermpohl
May 29, 2008

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Allen Hengst said...

March 15, 2010 (pg. B-4):

Mr. Bermpohl burrowed deeply into the issue ... developing sources in official and unofficial positions. He found a list of 215 chemicals in addition to what the Army originally said was there, author Richard Albright said in his handbook "Cleanup of Chemical and Explosive Munitions" (2008) ... "He was always amused that here we were in Iraq looking high and low for weapons of mass destruction, and here they were in our neighborhoods, a few miles away from the Capitol," said his wife of 35 years, Barbara Bermpohl, of Washington.

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