Jan 20, 2017

Partners Signal Preference for Groundwater Remediation

Currently the [Spring Valley FUDS] Groundwater Remedial Investigation is in the preliminary draft and internal Baltimore District review phase of the Feasibility Study (FS).  USACE plans to submit the draft FS to USACE Environmental and Munitions Center of Expertise (EM/CX) for review before the holidays.  Response to CX comments and revising the document will likely take a month or two before the draft final FS can be submitted it to the Partners.  The draft final should be completed by April 2017.  At that time, USACE will submit the draft final to the Partners.  USACE has been following EPA guidance for evaluation of the various alternatives. 
After screening all alternatives, the selected alternatives are as follows: no action alternative, land use control and long term monitoring alternative, in-situ alternative, and a pump-and-treat alternative.  The details will be in the Groundwater FS.  EPA noted that the regulators do not prefer the land use controls with monitoring alternative because of the monitoring aspect.  If there is something unacceptable in the groundwater, the regulators prefer to have a plan for that to be remediated over time.  USACE understands that the Partners’ position is the main issue with the Groundwater RI.  USACE will receive those comments when the Groundwater FS is submitted for Partner review.
Spring Valley FUDS 
Partnering Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2016 (pgs. 2 - 3)
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