Oct 4, 2007


AU campus directly behind poisoned Glenbrook Road properties
"The US government considers lewisite to be a weapon of mass destruction. Obtaining precise data on current lewisite production and disposition is difficult because of government restrictions (especially since 9/11) pertaining to information on such weapons. This secrecy impedes the ability of both public and private agencies to evaluate the remediation needs of areas that may be polluted with lewisite residues. The unwillingness of the US Army, for example, to release all documents pertaining to work at American University greatly hinders the remediation work at Spring Valley. There are no accurate estimates as to the quantity of lewisite and related compounds actually buried there, or locations of burial pits."
WMDs in our Backyards
Earth Island Journal ~ Winter 2005, vol. 19, no.

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Allen Hengst said...

"An inventory of the military ordnance left in the neighborhood after World War I shows that 1,976 'Mark II 75 mm. gas shells' remained on the American University campus, which served as the headquarters for the Army's Chemical Warfare Service. The fate of that inventory is unknown, although it was being prepared for shipment to Edgewood Arsenal outside Baltimore at the time the inventory was written in 1919."
-- The Northwest Current (December 19, 2007: pg. 1)

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