Oct 3, 2007

Lewisite Lost at Sea

"This report updates the general locations, types, and quantities of chemical munitions or chemical agents (CA), collectively referred to as chemical warfare material (CWM), disposed of in U.S. coastal waters ... The Department of Defense's research into sea disposal of chemical warfare material has identified approximately 30,000 tons of disposed CA at 21 sites in U.S. coastal waters."
2007 Annual Defense Environmental Report to Congress
[Appendix S: Sea Disposal of Military Munitions]

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Allen Hengst said...

"We have to recognize that the military and governmental policies that have created nuclear and other kinds of toxic contamination and kept them secret continue today, everywhere. They're not confined to Churchill County or Sand Springs Valley, but are literally global in scope ... We have become a drastically militarized society, and yet we seem to be unaware of this fact. In the meantime, the military is devouring our resources and talent, destroying the environment, and providing violent models for conflict resolution on both national and individual levels."

by Richard Misrach

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