Apr 12, 2014

Army Reevaluates Its Refusal to Relocate Glenbrook Road Family

Following a question from Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, highlighting that more hazardous materials have been found at [4825 Glenbrook Road] a particularly contaminated property where the Army Corps has demolished a home and is excavating, the Army Corps agreed to reevaluate their prior refusal to cover the cost of relocating a family in Spring Valley who lives directly across the street from the property, has small children and rented an apartment on top of their mortgage in order to avoid the contamination ...
Last year, Norton wrote a letter to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lieutenant General Thomas Bostick, urging him to temporarily relocate the family in Spring Valley because they have very young children, ages 2 and 6, living directly across the street from property where the Army Corps has demolished a home and is excavating ... Now, because of the amount of additional hazardous material found, the project’s projected completion date has been pushed back six months, from December 2014 to June 2015.  Meanwhile, no action has been taken by the Army Corps to relocate the family.
Eleanor Holmes Norton
DC Congresswoman
April 2, 2014
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