Jul 4, 2013

Worker Claims Munition Debris Also Buried Under 4835 Glenbrook

 4835 Glenbrook Road
The Army Corps received a transcript of a March 2013 interview with a construction worker who helped build the houses at 4825 and 4835 Glenbrook Road in 1992.  At the July 9th RAB meeting, project manager Dan Noble reported that the worker saw World War I munitions debris buried underneath both houses (1:32), Brandt Construction tried to move excess soil from this location to a third Spring Valley property but it was refused due to the odor, and the Corps turned the transcript over to its contractor [Watermark, Inc.] who is conducting a Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) investigation.

Noble said that names are mentioned in the transcript (2:39) and the investigator will try to track them down.  Noble admitted that only a single boring in the center of the basement was ever done by the Corps to investigate underneath 4835 Glenbrook Road (10:43). 

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