Jul 22, 2013

Dr. Richard Albright Featured as Guest Writer on UXO News Site

UXOInfo.com welcomes UXO guest author Dr. Richard D. Albright, a local chemical weapons and ordnance expert who holds a Bachelor's from the University of Michigan, a Master of Science in Environmental Health from George Washington University and Doctorate from Wayne State.  A former Army officer, he wrote a science bestseller, Cleanup of Chemical and Explosive Munitions, now in its second edition; as well as two more books on munitions and their constituents: Death of the Chesapeake and Poisoning the World's Women and Infants: The Story of Perchlorate ... 
A scuba diver since 1956, Dr. Albright met with the famed Jacques Cousteau on his many trips to the Great Lakes.  It was during these early diving experiences that Albright became aware of underwater ordnance issues ... UXOInfo.com is pleased to introduce Dr. Albright as a guest writer and look forward to a new series of fascinating articles based of his years of UXO experience.

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