Jun 25, 2013

Cleanup Site Field Work Continues Regardless of Impending Furlough

Engineering Control Structure (ECS) being built
In preparation for the high probability excavation work, the site construction team began building the Engineering Control Structure (ECS).  The construction of the tent will continue into July ... Although the high probability operations have been delayed due to the upcoming furlough, the site crew will continue to prepare the site so we are ready to begin high probability operations after the furlough ends.  
Chemical Agent Filtration System (CAFS)
It is important to note that field work will not halt at the site.  Upcoming site work will include completing the installation of the ECS, installing the remaining engineering controls, performing on-site training for the high probability excavation teams, and performing the pre-operational surveys and testing. 
Spring Valley FUDS
Project Update
June 2013

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