Jul 13, 2013

Johns Hopkins Releases Results from Spring Valley Health Study

The cancer analysis revealed two statistically significant findings; lymphoma incidence rate differences between the study areas and the lung and bronchus mortality rate trend in the Spring Valley area.  Lymphoma incidence in the 2005 - 2009 period was higher in the Spring Valley area than in the Chevy Chase area ... Lung and bronchus mortality rates were lower in both study areas than the US on average; however, the increasing rate trends for lung and bronchus are concerning ...  
Given the significant limitations resulting from lack of exposure data, disease latency, and time lag (approaching 100 years since AUES activities) it is not possible to make a definitive determination of cause and effect for health outcomes observed in surveillance data or reported by residents ... The findings of increasing cancer incidence and mortality trends running counter to US trends raise a general public health concern for both Spring Valley and Chevy Chase areas.
July 3013 (pgs. 12 - 13)

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