Sep 11, 2014

Very Large Crane Moves ECS to Rear of 4825 Glenbrook Road

This weekend a very large crane will arrive in the project area's parking lot at American University, near Watkins Hall.  The crane will be used to move the Engineering Control Structure.  The crane will need to be built once it arrives on site.  This means there will be about 15-20 trucks coming in this weekend to support the crane construction.  We anticipate these trucks will be in the vicinity of Nebraska Ave. and Massachusetts Ave. starting at 7 a.m. Sept. 20.  We have a plan in place to minimize local traffic impacts during the arrival of the crane.  If the crane assembly is not complete on Sept. 20, we will work on Sept. 21 to finish the assembly.
4825 Glenbrook Road
Weekly Update
September 19, 2014
This month crews continued preparing the site for the Engineering Control Structure (ECS) move, including unlacing the ECS tent’s "skin," and building a dirt ramp to access the low probability work area behind the back retaining wall ... The crane is being used to move heavy equipment into place, especially the large ECS tent frame, in preparation for Phase 2 of the high probability excavation effort.  On September 22, the crane passed the load test, demonstrating it will be able to move the large ECS tent frame from the front of the property towards the back, starting on October 3rd.
Spring Valley FUDS
Project Summary
September 2014 

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