Aug 9, 2013

Army Corps Tests Readiness in Drill with Local Emergency Responders

 Project Mgr. Brenda Barber briefs AU Pres. Neil Kerwin
The team was inspected by the Huntsville District to assess their readiness to begin work.  During the inspection, the teams ran various scenarios to train for the upcoming high probability operations.  The scenarios allow the teams to prepare for a wide variety of conditions and/or discoveries at the site, such as, a medical emergency, equipment failure, chemical detections, etc.  
Inside the ECS (Engineering Control Structure)
Also, USACE facilitated a Tabletop Exercise with the team and local emergency responders ... During the upcoming week, the teams will continue to train in preparation for high probability.  On Wednesday, September 4th at 4:05 pm, USACE will begin conducting the monthly test of the Shelter in Place notification system.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Glenbrook Road Weekly Update
August 30, 2013
Class-A protective gear

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