Oct 19, 2014

Army Backs Away from Key Details of Year-Old Trespass Allegation

HENGST: Thank you, especially, for sharing those photographs of where the Army is now alleging the unlawful entry occurred on September 24, 2013.  As you're well aware, that's not the area described by Officer McElwee at the RAB meeting of November 2013 (see pg. 3), nor is it the area referenced by RAB member Lee Monsein at this year's July RAB meeting (hear audio recording at 7 min. 35 sec.).  At a minimum, I expect USACE to correct the erroneous 11/12/13 minutes and amend or retract the inaccurate 9/25/13 police report (see "Narrative," Part V).  Even if the event took place in the area you now claim it did, that is not the property being intrusively investigated at 4825 Glenbrook Road, but is instead American University's so-called South Campus. 
Question from George Vassiliou, RAB Member:  Someone recently mentioned that you would share information with the RAB regarding the outcome of a trespassing incident at 4825 Glenbrook Road.   
Officer McElwee explained that this incident occurred several months ago and was defined as a trespassing incident without any threat to the site itself.  A gentleman walked onto the site, past the gate area, into the backyard behind the house.  The guard stationed on site immediately contacted MPDC. Officer McElwee responded to the call and took an official report.  Officer McElwee added that members of the public are entitled to a copy of the report, free of charge.  It can be obtained in person at the MPDC 2nd District’s station on Idaho Avenue. [Office McElwee provided the report number (13137401) for ease of requesting a copy.]  Officer McElwee emphasized that no threat was associated with this incident.

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