May 12, 2017

Landscapers Find Old Livens Round in AU President's Garden

 Livens round found in AU President's garden (4/28/17)
On April 28th, munition debris from an old Livens round was found in a landscaped area near the American University President's office building (see attached pictures).  The item was found in the garden to the left of the driveway/parking area leading up to the President's office building.  It was discovered by an AU landscaping crew while digging just below the surface.  Our Site Safety Officer, an Army Corps ordinance expert, went to the AU campus location to evaluate the situation.  He carefully dug up the item and mitigated the area in order to return to perform soil sampling if necessary.  The munition debris was immediately double-bagged and transported to Federal Property.  As a reminder, Livens were one of the munitions used at the American University Experiment Station during WWI.  As a conservative measure, we will perform further testing for the presence of WWI chemical agent.  Any findings and updates will be reported in a few weeks in the May Monthly Project Summary.
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Spring Valley Project Update
May 12, 2017

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