Nov 12, 2013

Perchlorate Levels Next to Kreeger Hall "Went Up Significantly"

Up on American University in front of Kreeger Hall we have wells PZ-4, MW-45 and MW-44 all within twenty feet of one another ... MW-44 is a more recent well that we sampled in March and September of 2012.  When we first sampled it was 33, 34, 36 parts per billion; it looks like it went up a little bit in April to about 41 ppb at 80 - 95 feet.  And then 45(S) and 45(D) at 120 feet and about 150 feet: when we first sampled that in September 2012, it looked like there were relatively low levels of perchlorate, but then when we sampled it again in May the concentration went up significantly [to 54 ppb].
... We're going to continue our semi-annual and quarterly sampling efforts.  We have a sampling event planned next month in December and we'll also sample again in June.  For the quarterly sampling locations, we'll sample in March and September as well ... When we determine that we have sufficient data to define the nature and extent of contamination, we'll begin writing the draft remedial investigation report.  We'll also need to sit down with EPA 
and the District to talk about what these results mean.
Todd Beckwith, USACE
RAB Meeting
November 12, 2013

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