Mar 1, 2010

Chemical Weapons To be Neutralized Next to Reservoir within Six Weeks

The RCWM (Recovered Chemical Warfare Materiel) is destroyed on site using the EDS. The EDS is a mobile treatment system designed to destroy RCWM. The EDS would be transported to the SVFUDS federal property and staged near the current storage facilities ... The EDS uses explosive cutting charges to open the munitions, followed by addition of neutralizing agents that neutralize the chemical agent. The explosive detonation and chemical neutralization process is conducted within a stainless steel containment vessel which contains the blast, vapors and fragments ... The liquid and solid wastes are containerized and shipped off-site to a permitted TSDF. 
Disposal of Recovered Chemical Warfare Materiel
Action Memorandum, Spring Valley FUDS
February 2010

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' recent decision to destroy chemical and conventional weapons behind Sibley Hospital some time in April, raises a number of unanswered questions ... Army officials inflated the cost of moving the munitions by including $200,000 to fly the munitions by helicopter to a military facility. All that's needed is the Tech Unit pickup truck and a police escort
Kent Slowinski
Northwest Current
March 24, 2010 (pg. 10)

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Allen Hengst said...

March, 17, 2010 (pg. 1):

Next month, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to destroy chemical and liquid-filled munitions recovered in Spring Valley, using sealed chambers on federal property near the Dalecarlia Reservoir ... Plans call for the use of a mobile explosive chamber, or “Explosive Destruction System,” to neutralize the experimental chemical munitions. The weapons include arsine, a colorless gas, as well as mustard and Lewisite, both blistering agents. The chamber will be brought to the Corps’ field headquarters near Sibley Memorial Hospital in the next few weeks ... Col. David Anderson wrote, explaining the need for action: “Given the acute toxicity of chemical agents and/or potential impacts of a detonation, along with the close proximity of a residential neighborhood, elimination of the hazard at the earliest opportunity is considered to be a priority.”

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