Dec 3, 2008

Army Corps Ally Planted on Cleanup Restoration Advisory Board

Alma Gates, an outgoing Spring Valley-Palisades advisory neighborhood commissioner, took a seat on the advisory board on Nov. 13 after the Army Engineers recommended her. The board serves as a civilian observer of the Army's multiyear cleanup of the chemical munitions buried in the ground during and after World War I, when the area was a military ordnance test site ... [Army Corps Spring Valley project manager Dan] Noble, in an email to [advisory neighborhood commissioner Tom] Smith on Nov. 14, said he was "delighted that Principal Whisenant accepted our recommendation of Alma Gates," whom he called a "steady presence."
Charlie Bermpohl
Northwest Current ~ (December 3, 2008: pg 5)

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Allen Hengst said...

Minutes of the November 13, 2008 RAB meeting (pg. 3):

KENT SLOWINSKI: Could you explain the relationship between Alma Gates and Horace Mann Elementary School? Alma Gates does not live inside the FUDS boundary nor do her constituents, and she does not have children who attend the school. Wouldn’t it make sense to choose someone who is more directly involved in the community to fill the Horace Mann representative position?

DAN NOBLE replied that the Principal has the ability to recommend a representative who does not live within the FUDS.

GEORGE VASSILLIOU, Community Member, added that a transitional meeting was held between the Principal, Alma Gates and himself. The Principal indicated during the meeting that she previously pursued representation from parents and staff members without success.

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