Jan 10, 2016

Site-Wide Feasibility Study Favors 'Alternative 6' to Clear Munitions

The draft-final Feasibility Study (FS) was sent to our regulatory partners (EPA and DDOE) and Dr. Peter deFur, our independent Technical Assistance for Public Participation Program (TAPP) consultant for review ... The purpose of the FS is to develop, screen, and evaluate alternatives to achieve possible remedial action objectives addressing any unacceptable human health risks in or potential unacceptable explosive hazards identified in the Final Remedial Investigation Report ... As a reminder, the locations, referred to as exposure units (EU), where unacceptable human health risks in soil were identified are the Spaulding Captain Rankin Area (SCRA), and Southern American University (AU).  The areas associated with unacceptable explosive hazards include impact areas, static test fire areas and possible munition disposal pits.  The areas cover about 100 properties in the neighborhood.
The below chart (Table 5.2 from the draft Site-Wide Feasibility Study) shows the remediation alternatives that were analyzed against the EPA’s nine screening criterion established to address CERCLA requirements and technical and policy considerations ... Alternative 6 was determined to be the most favorable alternative to achieve the Remedial Action Objectives (RAOs).  It is protective of human health and the environment, is compliant with "applicable or relevant and appropriate requirements" and will meet the RAOs in the shortest amount of time.  However, the formal selection of the preferred alternative will be proposed and documented in the Proposed Plan, and subject to acceptance from our regulatory partners and the community.
The Corps'pondent
January 2016 (pg. 3)

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