Mar 10, 2015

Army Report Identifies Areas with 'Unacceptable Risks and Hazards'

The Spring Valley Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) consists of approximately 661 acres in Northwest Washington, D.C.  During the World War I-era, the site was known as the American University Experiment Station (AUES) and Camp Leach.  It was used by the U.S. government for engineer troop training, research and testing of chemical agents, equipment, and munitions ... The Site-Wide Remedial Investigation Report summarizes the results of completed field activities performed to characterize the nature and extent of any potential contamination resulting from past DoD activities in the Spring Valley FUDS ... 
Human health risk assessments, as well as an ecological risk assessment, were developed to evaluate possible chemical contaminants.  Munitions hazard assessments are documented in the report to evaluate potential munitions hazards at different areas throughout the Spring Valley FUDS.  Finally, the report describes areas identified through the risk and hazard assessment processes, where the Army Corps of Engineers recommends a Feasibility Study (FS) to address potential remaining concerns ... The FS will outline how the Corps of Engineers plans to address any potential unacceptable risks and hazards.  After the FS the Corps of Engineers will prepare a Proposed Plan, which will identify a preferred clean-up action to address remaining risks and hazards. 
Spring Valley FUDS
Site-Wide Remedial Investigation Fact Sheet
February 2015

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