Feb 16, 2015

Site-Wide Remedial Investigation Report Will be Released March 10

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced it will release an updated report about the progress of World War I munitions cleanup around AU and Spring Valley on March 10 ... The report is part of a regulatory process overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency and D.C. District Department of the Environment to determine if more cleanup efforts are required, according to Andrea Takash, a spokesperson for the U.S. Army Corps segment that is overseeing the cleanup ... Takash said: “We have been talking about this remedial investigation report for over a year.  What is new is there are about 100 properties that this report will identify as properties that [the U.S. Army Corps] will want to look at further” ... 
The sites of former weapons usage and disposal, the U.S. Army Corps has determined, need further evaluation about potential contamination or buried munitions, according to Takash.  Among the properties that will be examined and included in the remedial report are portions of the AU campus near Kreeger and Watkins Halls.  The March 10 report will include an overview of the project, analysis on findings and future plans and expectations for cleanup, as well as updated evaluation about the AU sites.  The properties identified for further evaluation will be notified and informed before the report is released to the public.
Katherine Saltzman
The Eagle
February 16, 2015

Many may have read the NW Current article in the January 21 issue ... We would like to clarify that the areas noted in the article are general locations that underwent focused evaluations in the report, not the recommendations made by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for further investigation.  The Site-Wide Remedial Investigation report recommendations will be provided at the March 10 Restoration Advisory Board meeting and will be further discussed and presented at a community meeting during the 45-day public comment period this spring.  The report is currently being reviewed by our project regulatory partners (EPA and D.C. District Department of the Environment).   Comments are expected from the regulatory stakeholders in February.   We hope to address comments and obtain regulator concurrence sometime in March. 

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