Jul 23, 2014

Glenbrook Neighbors Incensed by Latest Cleanup Schedule Delay

The Army Corps of Engineers could take until the spring of 2017 to finish cleaning up 4825 Glenbrook Road, followed by several more months of full restoration, officials said last week.  The Spring Valley property has extensive contamination of World War I-era munitions from the adjacent American University Experiment Station.  The total cost of cleaning up the property is estimated at over $56 million .... The Army originally intended to clean the property down to bedrock, but workers are now finding contamination two feet into the bedrock itself. As a result, two more feet of weathered rock will be dug up and tested.
Glenbrook Road neighbor Jill Stern criticized the decision to prolong the work at 4825, saying the project has been a serious inconvenience and is making her home impossible to sell .... The Army tore down the house at 4825 Glenbrook in fall 2012 to remove the contaminated soil from the property.  Working under the protective tent, the Army excavates a defined area before relocating the tent to another part of the property.
Northwest Current
Jill Stern:  [37:54] I've really lost confidence that you have control of the schedule here.  It's been extended so many times.  Three years from now, you're going to come back and say you need another three years.  I've just never seen such a lack of accountability ... They should be pushed to explore some other alternatives, rather than just say it's going to be another three years ... I just don't understand why this Board is not pushing back at all ... [54:48] The reason I thought it was better to talk about this at the RAB was because it was an open forum and I thought this Board was actually being more questioning than it appears to be.

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