Apr 5, 2013

Start of Glenbrook High Probability Digging Postponed until Summer

Work has begun at the university-owned site (4825 Glenbrook Road) for what is hoped will be the final phase of the effort to find and safely remove any remaining World War I debris from that property ... In May, the work will shift into a new phase and a containment structure will be built over the excavation site; air filtration and monitoring equipment installed; and additional safety instruction will be provided for areas of the university within a defined zone adjacent to the site.  This would include the Watkins and Kreeger buildings, the Jacobs athletics field, and the President’s House.  When the specific work timeline is known, those working in the affected areas will be informed of safety measures and protocols, which will be posted on the AU website dedicated to the project.
April 3, 2013
 Crew excavates last test pit at 4825 Glenbrook
This week crews continued the installation process for the trench to support utility relocation at the site. Utility relocation will take approximately two more weeks ... As an added layer of safety, air monitoring was used during all excavations ... During the week of April 8, crews will relocate and re-establish the sewer line.  The water line will be relocated and re-established the week of April 15.  
We anticipate starting the high probability excavation work this summer ... Recently we have had weather delays and issues related to the relocation of the site utilities ... Due to the deeper location of the utilities more expansive trenches are required, which increases the complexity of the work ... Crews will work some limited Fridays and Saturdays from now until June to make up for the schedule delays to minimize an impact to the completion of the project.
4825 Glenbrook Road
Weekly Update
April 5, 2013

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