Jan 6, 2012

Army Sweeps Southwest Corner of Campus for WW I-Era "Anomalies"

Anomaly next to Child Development Ctr. playground

This month the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) began preparations for the American University Kreeger Hall area anomaly investigation that is scheduled for January 2012. The Anomaly Review Board (ARB), which consists of USACE and the regulatory partners, identified 18 anomalies and four anomalous areas to be investigated. USACE worked with AU to schedule the anomaly investigations during AU’s winter break to minimize potential disruptions to campus life.
Spring Valley Project Update
December 2011
Anomalies between Kreeger, Watkins & Hamilton Bldgs.

USACE requested feedback from AU regarding potential geophysical surveys and subsequent intrusive investigation in front of Kreeger Hall on the AU campus for the purpose of investigating a 1918 ground scar. This ground scar may be a shadow on the 1918 aerial photograph and received little attention early during the Spring Valley project, but someone from EPA subsequently described this ground scar as a probable 'T' [trench]. This ground scar is also located adjacent to elevated perchlorate detections at PZ-4.
Anomalous area under road 80 ft. west of Watkins Building


c997017a-409b-11e1-aeee-000bcdca4d7a said...

Even though this post is over a year old, it might have some credibility if the EPA official were identified.

Allen Hengst said...

The reason for not naming the official at EPA's Environmental Photographic Interpretation Center is known only to the regulatory partners. Since they're referring to a determination made almost ten years ago (the project is now entering its 19th year), it's not surprising that they were unsure precisely "who" it was.

Incidentally, the "subsequent intrusive investigation," about which the Army asked AU for feedback, is only now taking place.

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