Feb 9, 2011

FUDS Information Repository Moved to Tenley Public Library

The Spring Valley information repository was relocated on Monday, Feb. 7 to the Tenley-Friendship Library at 4450 Wisconsin Avenue, NW ... The repository move was initiated at the suggestion of several community members at the January Restoration Advisory Board meeting. RAB and community members noted the Grand Reopening of the library was a well-timed opportunity to bring the repository back to a location closer and more easily accessible to the Spring Valley community ... Librarians at the Tenley-Friendship Library will be able to assist those interested in locating and viewing Spring Valley information repository documents.
The Corps'pondent
February 2011 (pg. 4)

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CarrieJ808 said...

Hi, Nice pic of 2 of the 4 file cabinets full of documents, thank you for spreading the word of the move on your blog. I also wanted to thank all the Librarians and staff at Tenley, Palisades and HQ who assisted USACE, the RAB and community members who requested this move. Their responses were always positive and helpful, and we look forward to working with the staff at Tenley as we look for ways to improve the collection and access. - Carrie with the Spring Valley Outreach Team

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