Jan 13, 2011

1st Peek at Dalecarlia Woods Will Dig up 700 Anomalies, 12 Trenches

During World War I, a sixty-two acre section of Dalecarlia Woods next to Washington DC's reservoir was the impact area (AOI 6) for Livens projectiles fired from the American University Experiment Station one mile to the east, as well as the location of a munitions burial pit (AOI 2) alongside a narrow gauge railway line that once extended there from AU.

North perimeter fence of federal property
Amid these steep wooded hills in coming weeks, the Corps of Engineers will begin an intrusive investigation of 700 single-point metallic anomalies and twelve possible munitions disposal trenches identified during the initial, 18-acre phase of their geophysical survey on the federal property.

North side of initial 18-acre intrusive investigation

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