Jan 1, 2010

Army Chasing Perchlorate Groundwater Plume Across University Campus

New monitoring wells are upgradient of Kreeger Hall contamination
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continued its groundwater study in Spring Valley this fall, which included the installation of four new groundwater monitoring wells and the sampling of existing monitoring wells, as well as, surface water locations ... Of the four newly installed wells, three were placed on the American University property to help better understand the source of the perchlorate detections in the area, and to characterize the nature and extent of the perchlorate groundwater plume.
The Corps'pondent
December 2009 (pg. 3)

These wells will assist with the investigation to locate the source and migration of a possible perchlorate plume located underneath the southeast portion of the AU campus. Current shallow well data indicates a potential plume of perchlorate migrating west and could discharge to East Creek ... To date, the highest perchlorate level detected in the groundwater study area is 146 ppb, which is located on the AU campus [next to Kreeger Hall] PZ 4. Several of the shallow groundwater wells have revealed elevated perchlorate levels scattered thoughout the southwestern part of the AU campus and Sibley Hospital. Three additional wells, located upgradient of the well with the highest perchlorate reading, PZ 4, are proposed to determine the extent and levels of perchlorate contamination.
Partnering Meeting Minutes
April 29 - 30, 2008 (pg. 3)

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Allen Hengst said...

New York Times
December 16, 2009:

Earlier this decade, scientists at the E.P.A. began telling top agency officials that more needed to be done ... assessing a variety of contaminants often found in drinking water, including perchlorate, an unregulated rocket fuel additive ... But when E.P.A. scientists produced assessments indicating those chemicals were more toxic — the first step in setting a standard for perchlorate and tougher standards for the other two substances — businesses fought back by lobbying lawmakers and regulators and making public attacks. Military contractors, for example, said that regulations on perchlorate, which has been associated with stunted central nervous system development, would cost them billions of dollars in cleanup costs ... Military officials told E.P.A. scientists they were unpatriotic for suggesting that bases were contaminated, according to people who participated in those discussions.


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