Jun 10, 2009

Explosively Configured 75 mm Arsine Round to be Destroyed Behind Sibley Hospital

At least one of the recently recovered munitions is an explosively configured arsine-filled 75 mm round. Arsine is the most toxic chemical warfare agent found to date in Spring Valley. There is no antidote for arsine exposure ... Arsine-filled rounds have never been destroyed in a residential neighborhood. Perhaps for good reason ... More than a dozen residents live within 500 feet of the proposed chemical munitions destruction site. Less than 1,000 feet away is the District's drinking water supply, as well as Sibley Hospital.
Kent Slowinski
Northwest Current ~ (June 10, 2009: pg. 11)

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Allen Hengst said...

RAB Meeting Minutes
May 12, 2009 (pg. 11):

K. Slowinski: Regarding the Pit 3 test pits, has anyone spoken with the original builder or the workers to find out whether they encountered munition items during house construction?

S. Hirsh replied that the builder and workers have not been contacted.

K. Slowinski commented that investigations on the property will be completed soon, and asked whether it makes sense to contact the builder and the workers prior to completion.

D. Noble confirmed that completion of Pit 3 Area property investigations is anticipated in July 2009.

The RAB members noted that this same question has been asked and answered repeatedly during previous meetings.

Lee Monsein, RAB Member, expressed the opinion that K. Slowinski’s question, rather than being a question that needed to be asked repeatedly, resembles a statement intended to rudely criticize the Army Corps of Engineers. He added that RAB meetings involve rules of order.

N. Wells, Audience Member, requested that the RAB members vote on whether they believe K. Slowinski’s question is rude and out of order.

G. Beumel declined to put this question to a vote.

L. Monsein introduced a motion for the RAB to vote on whether K. Slowinski was being rude.

G. Beumel asked whether any RAB member seconded the motion. No second motion was voiced and G. Beumel dismissed the original motion.

G. Beumel emphasized the statement-like nature of the question. The apparent purpose of the question is to point out that USACE decided to investigate the property prior to speaking with the builder and the workers.

Minutes posted here ...

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