Mar 1, 2009

Army Will Neutralize 90-Year-Old WMD's in Woods Next to Reservoir

"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is planning to safely destroy all of the chemical munitions recovered at the Pit 3 project area. This involves safely treating and neutralizing the chemical agent fill from the recovered World War I military chemical munitions. USACE plans to use a mobile system, known as the Explosive Destruction System to destroy the munitions on federal property at a site adjacent to our storage facility in the May 2009 timeframe."
The Corps' pondent (March 2009)

 The chemical weapons will be destroyed "in place" at the US Army Corps of Engineeers' Interim Holding Facility (IHF) on federal land around Dalecarlia Reservoir. This land is 410 feet from Spring Valley residences, 860 feet from the Dalecarlia Reservoir and 985 feet from Sibley Hospital.
USACE Presentation
Restoration Advisory Board Meeting
February 10, 2009

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